Rear Mount Utility Platform

The  Rear Mount cargo system is connectible to any surface, top, bottom, front, side, back. However you feel it will work out with regards to your bikes center of gravity.

The pannier mount system when mounted on the front of the pannier uniquely sits on the passenger foot peg. This transfers the weight to the frame instead of torquing on the pannier and eventually cracking it out after miles of washboard roads. It is possible to mount two one gallon proto pax cans per side. Using the forward side pannier cargo mount also keeps the center of gravity forward.

We designed it to work on a BMW pannier and still be able to access the latch.

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Front Mount Utility Platform

With or without Rotopax containers or jerry cans , 1.5L each and weight is 14 pounds each full of fuel. Easy assembly and can be used to carry additional water cans or tie off other gear to. Brushed or Blasted finish.  With these full of fuel on the front the shocks settle about 3/8 inches.  Intended to be used with cans on both sides for Center of gravity purposes.

Our cargo system is designed as a modular system. It will carry any combo of fluid containers, even stacked, and within minutes one can remove the rotopax can and the mount hardware to leave the cargo platform free to carry any combination of gear that will fit, baggage, cans, etc.

Our front mount system will accommodate one gallon or two gallon without any modifications. Using the two gallon emergency kit  on the front might be a good use of the space when needing the other pannier mounts for fuel.

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