Pannier Mount 2.0

Dual Sport Motorcycles sales grow faster each year; ownership almost doubles every 3 years and shows no sign of slowing.   You can see why, with a world of stress the best way to get your mind clear is take the highway and a smooth cruise to work, then its the long way home thru the trees and dirt.

DualSportBikeParts.com is here to help you do just that, we have created several mount systems to attach to your pannier that create true utility.
The box on your bike has limits, an open mount system doesn't have.

Storage Canister

Additional Storage Canister.

Safely store food, fuel, bottles, roll up tool kits, tire repair kits, anything you need without using a bulky box.

3.875" IDx 12" clear inside length. Machined of 6061 aluminum with 304 stainless hinge parts, brushed or blasted finish. Water resistant with a sealed canister and a gasket at the lid. At the moment it will fit on the factory pannier mount structure of the R1200GSA, but will accommodate other models as requested.

Price $375.00 USD

Additional Storage Canister.

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